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[Garabatoz] Road to the Club (Gravity Falls)

A girl and a boy are returning home. It is snowing, and it is impossible to see the road. They make a stop at a hotel in the area. They enter the room and lay on the bed. Behind the wall they hear moaning and screaming. What kind of hotel is this, the girl wonders. Suddenly the lights disappear. The room is pitch black. The girl attempts to turn the lights on, butit does not work. She starts to panic. The boy attempts to calm her down saying that it’s just a game of the imagination. The girl refuses to believe him. The room must be left she insists. If they don’t, they’ll end up dying. He agrees. The door won’t move. The girl begins screaming for help but no one is listening. She realizes she is not the only one.

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Young lovers have a fling early in the morning. The girl suckers the man’s fat dick , then sits on top of him and starts bouncing. The man massages his girlfriend’s tits before slapping her in the face. The man then fucks his girlfriend in her pussy but without cumming. After that, the girl takes his cock in her mouth and then sucks it. The man then kisses her with his pissy. Then he cums in her pussy and then she too. The process continues until they both collapse exhausted. Watch the comic right now.

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F.L.O.W.E.R 01

Being among the major characters ina detective themed show like Ran Mouri in “Detective Conan” means that she has to act like other person to assist others to feel better. The same story can be told using the hentai comedy genre. Tonight, beautiful Ran is expected to play the role as Eva for an older gentleman who is looking for the love of Eva…

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[oo sebastian oo] The Cult Cafe

Are you sure that the person who is hypnotized capable of influence anyone else? Probably this was the fist question the main character in this story had in his head when he has pulled this "magic" trick on the hot anime girl… and in the event that there is one girl, there will be many moreof them! This comic parody is full of hypnosis, stripteaseand threesome, along with a touch of cosplay.

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Potemayo Vol. 3

The comic is based on Detective Conan. It shows how two beautiful lesbians try to find love. They meet in a private place, away from prying eyes. Take a look at these gorgeous ladies from Detective Conan. They're stunning. Lovely smiles, big boobs and juicy asses. The girls start to undress one another and kiss their nipples. They then jump onto the sofa and begin licking their wet nips from a 69-degree angle. Following that, it's time to strap on..

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Detective Bevy VOL. 01

The dude lured her. The man began to kiss her, and then he stripped her. He then laid the brunette on the bed and began to fuck from behind. The brunette tried to flee but the guy was much stronger than her. He did not let go of her until the very end. The man entered the girl and started to move fast. The man laughed, and the girl groused. After that, he finished and left.

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My Sweet Devil

Two guys meet for sex. They kissand take off their pants. They are then kissing and taking off their pants. The two guys switch places and have a good time. One of the guys removes his pants to get an earful. He lies down on the sofa and has an enjoyable time with his buddy. Then they change places. The other one also has a dick . He is fucked by his buddy and the other one cums.

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[Urekko (Xiao-You)] Torottoro MILK Otokonoko Aji (Detective Conan)

A teacher who is a good one can count on getting the support of students… even if the support is intended to stifle teacher’s desire to have a gangbang that is hardcore! What will this comic be about? It will focus on the swimming poolside, a hot looking milfa in a sportsy swimsuit and a number of hard cocks who are ready to get her fucked! Perhaps she’ll give them all an A grade afterward?

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[Chanbara! (Kimuraya Idumi)] Outside Soushuuhen 01-10 (Various)

What we have here is a mixture of short stories which combined by one simple idea If you happen to be in the right place and at the right moment, you will get an opportunity to have a fling with! Each story will be performed by a variety of well-known characters from different popular anime series , however there will be a catch- all the texts and dialogues are written in japanese language the first time.

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Are kara 10-nen… Yappari Suki na Gundam SEED!

If you do not pay attention to texts in japanese languagethen you can think of this set of pictures as a gallery which allows you take in a bunch of sexy female characters from various popular anime series while they are posing absolutely nude! They are all sweet and horny and shy, kinky, sexually attractive, and sport small and tinier tits.

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