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[Garabatoz] Road to the Club (Gravity Falls)

A girl and a boy are returning home. It is snowing, and it is impossible to see the road. They make a stop at a hotel in the area. They enter the room and lay on the bed. Behind the wall they hear moaning and screaming. What kind of hotel is this, the girl wonders. Suddenly the lights disappear. The room is pitch black. The girl attempts to turn the lights on, butit does not work. She starts to panic. The boy attempts to calm her down saying that it’s just a game of the imagination. The girl refuses to believe him. The room must be left she insists. If they don’t, they’ll end up dying. He agrees. The door won’t move. The girl begins screaming for help but no one is listening. She realizes she is not the only one.

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F.L.O.W.E.R 01

Being among the major characters ina detective themed show like Ran Mouri in “Detective Conan” means that she has to act like other person to assist others to feel better. The same story can be told using the hentai comedy genre. Tonight, beautiful Ran is expected to play the role as Eva for an older gentleman who is looking for the love of Eva…

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[oo sebastian oo] The Cult Cafe

Are you sure that the person who is hypnotized capable of influence anyone else? Probably this was the fist question the main character in this story had in his head when he has pulled this "magic" trick on the hot anime girl… and in the event that there is one girl, there will be many moreof them! This comic parody is full of hypnosis, stripteaseand threesome, along with a touch of cosplay.

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My Sweet Devil

Two guys meet for sex. They kissand take off their pants. They are then kissing and taking off their pants. The two guys switch places and have a good time. One of the guys removes his pants to get an earful. He lies down on the sofa and has an enjoyable time with his buddy. Then they change places. The other one also has a dick . He is fucked by his buddy and the other one cums.

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Potemayo Vol. 4

If you’re following the anime show “Detective Conan” because you find the female characters very sexy, then you must not miss this series and you won’t just meet threeof the principal heroines simultaneously but also having a quiet, kinky kind of fun tonight! In the interest of very vital investigation of course (well, probably).

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Paramours Smooch [Nikuman Aikou Kai]

This is a very short and very classic parody manga that will focus on a few characters from anime shows that have romance. This manga will concentrate on the anime series “Detective Conan” and the characters that finally find natural romance are none less than Ran Mouri or Shinichi Kudo.

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