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Potemayo Vol. 3

The comic is based on Detective Conan. It shows how two beautiful lesbians try to find love. They meet in a private place, away from prying eyes. Take a look at these gorgeous ladies from Detective Conan. They're stunning. Lovely smiles, big boobs and juicy asses. The girls start to undress one another and kiss their nipples. They then jump onto the sofa and begin licking their wet nips from a 69-degree angle. Following that, it's time to strap on..

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Detective Bevy VOL. 01

The dude lured her. The man began to kiss her, and then he stripped her. He then laid the brunette on the bed and began to fuck from behind. The brunette tried to flee but the guy was much stronger than her. He did not let go of her until the very end. The man entered the girl and started to move fast. The man laughed, and the girl groused. After that, he finished and left.

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Violence Club

This comic is written in black and white. It tells the story of brunette who gets caught in a bizarre situation. Her ex-boyfriend was her first love, and they began to have romantic feelings. The couple went into the room to have a sex session andapparently it will be romantic. The dude tucks in the girland looks at her big boobs. Then the dude starts licking his boobs and slapping the girl’s thigh. The brunette gives the guy a lavish blowout. So enjoy.

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